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Lacrosse Wooden Stick Earrings

Embrace Lacrosse Tradition with Our Wooden Stick Earrings!

Our Lacrosse Wooden Stick Earrings pay homage to the rich history of the game, inspired by the rounded-ash lacrosse sticks from the Great Lakes region. Crafted with sterling silver and textured to resemble the white ash wood, these earrings symbolize the deep connection between lacrosse and the natural world.

They not only celebrate the roots of lacrosse but also the ash trees from which traditional sticks were made, highlighting the harmony between sport and nature. Wear these earrings to connect with the origin of the game and carry a piece of lacrosse heritage with you wherever you go.

Dive into the tradition of lacrosse with our meticulously crafted Lacrosse Wooden Stick Earrings, expertly made from 925 sterling silver. Show your reverence for the game's history and the materials that have shaped it. To complete your lacrosse-inspired look, explore our collection and discover the timeless connection between lacrosse and nature.

Lacrosse Wooden Stick Earrings