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Lacrosse Stickball Pendant

Embrace lacrosse heritage with this stickball pendant!

Our Lacrosse Stickball Pendant is a tribute to a unique version of lacrosse played with smaller, hickory-carved sticks, harkening back to the rich history of tribes in the Southeastern region of what is now the United States. While different from the modern game, this ancient form of lacrosse carries a profound legacy.

By wearing this pendant, you carry with you a piece of American sports history, inviting conversations about one of the oldest sports still played in the country. Let this pendant be a symbol of your love for lacrosse and your appreciation for its deep roots.

Dive into lacrosse heritage with our meticulously crafted Lacrosse Stickball Pendant, made from 925 sterling silver. Showcase your passion for this historic American sport and enjoy the opportunity to share its unique story. Paired with our beautiful 18-inch sterling silver chain, the Lacrosse Stickball Pendant is sure to complete your lacrosse-inspired look. Discover the timeless tradition of lacrosse through our exquisite jewelry pieces.

Lacrosse Stickball Pendant