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Lacrosse Wooden Stick Pendant

Embrace lacrosse tradition with our Crossed Wooden Stick Pendant.

Our Lacrosse Wooden Stick Pendant is a tribute to the enduring tradition of lacrosse, drawing inspiration from the rounded-ash lacrosse sticks of the Great Lakes region. Crafted with sterling silver and meticulously textured to replicate the natural beauty of white ash wood, this pendant pays homage to the roots of lacrosse and the very trees from which the traditional sticks were carved.

It's a piece that allows you to connect deeply with the game's origin and carry the spirit of lacrosse heritage wherever you go. Paired with our beautiful 18-inch sterling silver chain, our Lacrosse Wooden Stick Pendant will certainly complete any Lax-inspired look, creating a timeless connection between lacrosse and nature.

Immerse yourself in the tradition of lacrosse with our finely crafted Lacrosse Wooden Stick Pendant, expertly made from 925 sterling silver. Show your reverence for the game's history and the materials that have shaped it. To achieve the perfect lacrosse-inspired ensemble, explore our collection and discover the profound connection between lacrosse and the natural world.

Lacrosse Wooden Stick Pendant