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Lacrosse Wooden Stick Ring


Embrace Lacrosse Tradition with Our Wooden Stick Ring!

Our Lacrosse Wooden Stick Ring pays homage to the rich tradition of lacrosse, drawing inspiration from the rounded-ash lacrosse sticks found in the Great Lakes region. Crafted with sterling silver, this ring is a symbol of reverence for the game's roots and the very ash trees that have shaped its history. Its textured surface mimics the natural beauty of white ash wood, connecting you to the origin of lacrosse.

Wear this ring proudly and celebrate the enduring legacy of this remarkable sport. Our commitment to excellence and contemporary design ensures that this piece is not only a tribute to tradition but a work of art in itself. Join us in honoring the history of lacrosse with our beautifully crafted Lacrosse Wooden Stick Ring.

Elevate your connection to lacrosse's heritage with our exquisite Lacrosse Wooden Stick Ring, meticulously crafted from 925 sterling silver. Embrace the rich history of the game and the materials that have defined it for generations. Explore our collection to discover more lacrosse-inspired pieces that capture the essence of this extraordinary sport.

Lacrosse Wooden Stick Ring